At Affordable Movers Norwalk we try as much as we can to be the ultimate solution to all your moving needs. We create a platform where we will be able to tackle all your moving worries under one roof, a one stop shop for all your moving problems, so to speak. When you come to us there is no need of looking for another moving company for hire as we have all the moving services you might need. All you have to do is to call us or visit our offices and let the process begin.

We have a specialized well trained team that is on alert to tackle any of your moving problems. Be it storage, packing problems, long distance move, local move, same day moves, just come to us or call our toll free numbers on (562) 991-6882. Eliminate that hassle today of finding a moving company. The following services are offered at our facilities by highly trained professionals who are committed to excellence and quality delivery.

STORAGE– Warehouse Storage: At Affordable Movers Norwalk we’re committed to providing customized solutions for your moving and storage needs. If you’re planning to store household goods for the short term or the long term, our state of the art Storage Facilities give you the convenience, safety and affordability you deserve.

  1. Security. Affordable Movers Norwalk has strict security standards. So, no one can have access to your storage vault without your stated permission.
  2. Clean storage facility, At Affordable Movers Norwalk, your household goods are stored in containers with built in pallets that keep your belongings 6 inches off the ground. Besides, we inspect items being placed into storage and refuse goods that are hazardous or that appear to be infested.  The result is a cleaner environment for your household goods.

PACKING – Proper packing is one of the most important aspects of a move. Knowledge of utilizing the correct materials and packing methods are essential components to a move. Our years of experience in packing and moving customers have proven that packing correctly is critical to a successful move. Our experienced and skilled packing teams can professionally pack your home or business. We offer full and partial packs as well a chandelier service.

Our expert packers, utilizing the correct materials and packing method, will carefully pack your belongings to ensure a damage free move. If you choose to do some or all of your own packing in preparation for your relocation, it’s especially important that you be familiar with the techniques that will best protect your possessions.   Please review our Packing Tips before packing your own treasures, just to endure safety.

FULL SERVICE MOVE – Our crew will follow a moving checklist to ensure that you have an accurate cost estimate, your special needs and questions are handled, and that your pickup and delivery dates are set. The movers will then pack all your belongings, load them in their truck, safely transport them to your new home, unpack everything, and set it all up where you want in your house. Affordable Movers Norwalk full service movers will provide all the boxes, wrapping paper, tape, padding, furniture blankets, and equipment necessary to move your household items.

A team of packers and loaders will swoop in, and before you know it, everything will be on their truck and on the road. A full service move is the definition of “all inclusive” if that’s what you need. When you pack up households almost every day, you get good at packing. Trained packers at Affordable Movers Norwalk know how to ensure fragile items won’t get broken during transport. They know how to pack clothes so they come out of the wardrobe box as clean and fresh as they went in. Our packers know how to use the space in different sized boxes to provide cushion and protection for your belongings, as well as fit everything in the right space. Affordable Movers Norwalk full service movers will transport almost everything you own.

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