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At Affordable Movers Norwalk , we are the industry leaders when it comes to commercial relocation services. This is because we understand that business and other commercial activities are the backbone of all economies worldwide.

We offer various types of Commercial services at Affordable Movers Norwalk , which are aligned well to meet your needs and budget. If you need us to move your office to another location, we have got you covered well with our best commercial services that are offered at amazingly affordable prices.

Other services that we offer through our commercial moving services are;

(a) Corporate Relocation. Well it’s simple; time is money and nobody knows this better than Affordable Movers Norwalk . We bring these services to you to ensure that you don’t lose valuable time and business because of a lengthy office relocation process. Whether moving to a different state or across town- Affordable Movers Norwalk has what it takes to move your business and its employees quickly and safely to your new location.

(b) Office Moving, We are fully aware that downtime for your business is not an option, and that’s why at Affordable Movers Norwalk, we are prepared to move after office hours and on weekends. Ask your moving consultant at Affordable Movers Norwalk about moves outside of business hours. Talk to our customer care representatives on (562) 991-6882and you will get answers to your worries. With Affordable Movers Norwalk, you will be assigned one person of contact at the beginning of your cooperate move, and that person will see you through the completion of your move. We run our business with a commitment to integrity. We provide quality service and solutions to and for even scenario.

Our corporate moving consultants at Affordable Movers Norwalk work closely with your management team to set and achieve your moving goals and objectives. Our professional movers direct the operation to make sure you are satisfied with all aspects of your corporate move. We understand the value of your time, with Affordable Movers Norwalk you can be sure that your business will be back up and running in no time. We get you situated in your new office with the least amount of hassle. At Affordable Movers Norwalk, we guarantee you a smooth transfer into your new office with have to worry about time, budget and other factors. We will give the best deal unmatched by any other company.


Make sure to mark all your boxes with the room number and or area it will be placed in the new office. This will avoid confusion and help organize your new office space.

Electronic equipment, computers, fax machine, printers and others should be disconnected before movers arrive. This is to avoid wastage of time and unnecessary work.

Larger and expensive office equipment such as photocopiers should be handled by a third party to be sure that your equipment warranty will cover you in the unfortunate event of mishandling.

Professional movers at Affordable Movers Norwalk have the training and equipment needed to safely move heavy office furniture without injuring themselves or others and without damaging the furniture, office and entry ways.

In addition to eliminating the risk of(and liability for) an injury to one of your employees, hiring a professional to move your office helps protect your investment and ensures your furniture will function as well in the new location as it  does in your current one. Office movers employ highly trained technicians who can disassemble and reassemble modular furniture systems according to manufacture`s recommendations.

The professional movers also know the importance of careful planning in an office or any commercial move. For instance, reconfiguration of cubicles and office furniture systems will likely be required, depending on the space and layout of your current and new office as well as the location of existing electrical, networks and phone outs. At Affordable Movers Norwalk, we discuss this with our customers and reach into a solution that suitable to all.

Make safety a priority and avoid the risk of added costs and lost production by hiring a professional commercial mover, just like Affordable Movers Norwalk.

There are areas that should be taken care of before the moving day. You can coordinate with your employees and help arrange everything where it’s needed to avoid the last minute rush. Make sure;

  1. A day before moving day, provide each employee with a carton to pack his or her own desk or cubicle contents. They should remove all contents from their desks and pack them in the moving cartons, carefully wrapping any fragile items. Place small items such as pens and paper clips in envelopes and then in the carton. Again, ask them to take any personal item with them, rather than include them in the office move.
  2. In most case, upright file cabinets can be moved with contents intact, but someone should remove contents of lateral cabinets and pack in cartons designed for file. Files will be moved in an upright position and can be locked if unbolting is completed.
  3. Remove and pack all contents from supply cabinets. Lock, tape, or tie cabinet doors closed.
  4. Remove all books from bookcases and pack the books in carton, standing on their ends.
  5. Complete all packing before moving day. Only personnel directly involved with the move should be present on moving day.

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