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After being in the industry for quite some time, we have to agree that the key to every successful long distance move is choosing the right mover; Affordable Movers Norwalk has experienced and qualified staff to provide you with a smooth and stress-free move. Every Long Distance move we make begins with a free of charge accurate estimate provided by one of our certified moving consultants. Affordable Movers Norwalk professionalism remains intact from the initial contact with our trained and experienced moving consultants through the completion of your move.

Our courteous and knowledgeable office, computerized dispatch centre and communications system combine their efforts to ensure your move is handled from start to finish in a professional manner. Before loading your shipment we create an accurate itemized inventory of your goods. Each article of furniture is carefully wrapped in a quilted moving pad to ensure it travels and arrives safely to your new house. When our movers deliver your goods to your house, each item is placed in the location and room of your choice. Relocating to a new place that crosses state lines requires better understanding about the rights and responsibilities of your interstate mover.

Long distance moving includes any move that crosses state lines. Affordable Movers Norwalk offers service throughout, our services are everywhere. We also guarantee on-time pick-up and delivery. Whether your destination is Florida, Texas or New York, we’re proud to offer the best possible service at an affordable price. As a professional and experienced long distance moving company, we will ensure the safety and care of your belongings, so you can concentrate on a new beginning. Long-distance moving is based upon the mileage from the origin to the destination, and the total weight of your belongings. To calculate a price quote, an estimated weight is necessary. Estimating the weight can be completed via our online estimate, or by an in home estimate.

Affordable Movers Norwalk specializes in long distance relocations as well. We strive to provide exceptional customer service by offering easy to understand quotes without hidden fees, and ensure a convenient and efficient moving service. Call us today and we will assign a personal consultant to help you move so as to create a personalized, comprehensive moving package guaranteed to suit your unique needs and budget. With our well trained staff of movers working hand -in -hand with our moving consultants, we ensure an easy and organized relocation to your new home. We will take care of everything on board until they are safely delivered to your new destination. Call us today on (562) 991-6882.

When you call us, be sure to get these services;

  • Detailed inventories provided for each move
  • Guaranteed on time pick-up and delivery dates
  • Binding and not to exceed estimates available
  • Pick-ups and deliveries performed only by Vermont Moving & Storage, Inc. personnel
  • Unique numbered tagging system for all items shipped
  • Customized crating of pictures, glass and marble
  • Protection of Floors and banisters
  • Packing and unpacking Services
  • Storage
  • Quilt pad and shrink wrapping of all furniture


Start by purging your stuff. The great purge; go through those closets and drawers where you have stashed stuff away for the last ten years or so, and start cleaning them out. Consider what furniture you want to take with you.
Search for free packing supplies. Get free packing supplies boxes from charitable friends who have recently moved. Most hardware stores often have a moving supplies section. If you have selected a full service move from Affordable Movers Norwalk, then just wait for your friendly movers to show up.

Organize things according to the room they are destined for in your new home and make sure your boxes are clearly labelled with contents and the room. Make sure to wrap fragile items like grandma`s china and leg lamps in plenty of bubble wrap and paper. Pack boxes tightly to make sure items don’t shift as much during transport.

Schedule the installation of utilities 4-6 weeks in advance. Schedule the transition of utilities, keeping in mind that you’ll need water and electricity until the day you actually move and that you’ll need to turn service on at your new home. Nothing is worse than showing up at a new place and not being able to flush the toilets. Also consider things like insurance. If you are moving across state lines, you’ll need new auto insurance and make sure you get things squared away with your renters` or homeowner`s policies too.

Stay out of the way on moving day. On moving day, relax and let the long distance movers do the heavy lifting. We have years of experience, that if you hire us, so you can rest assured that we will be able to move your valuables and big pieces with ease. Even better, almost every mover carries liability insurance to protect your belongings from accidental damage.

Get to the new home early. Its always comforting to do a once over of your new place yourself (especially the kitchen and bathroom) before the moving truck arrives.

Label furniture that requires assembly. When your things arrive, make sure to communicate with your movers which pieces of furniture need to be reassembled. Most will help you put pieces like your bed and shelves back together so you don’t have to wrestle with it yourself. And these guys can move fast. Watching professional movers put together a bed, in a lot of ways resembles just a football team, the way they handle and coordinate among themselves makes you wonder.


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